Information for Health Professionals
To refer your patient, please complete the Endoscopy Referral form. Send this referral to South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Unit on:
Fax: (08) 9368 2300

The patient will be contacted by the Endoscopy Unit to arrange an appointment.

Please ask your patient to bring the original signed Endoscopy Referral form with them on the day of the procedure.

You will be sent a copy of your patient’s procedure report for your records.

For information on recommended surveillance intervals you can refer to current evidence-based guidelines such as the Cancer Council Australia’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention, Early Detection and Management of Colorectal Cancer and Clinical Practice Guidelines for Surveillance Colonoscopy. Recommended colonoscopy surveillance intervals are summarised in the algorithm provided by the Cancer Council Australia: Algorithm for Colonoscopic Surveillance Intervals – Adenomas

Our Gastroenterologists and the Referral Process
Our credentialed Gastroenterologists include Professor George Garas, Dr Sam Galhenage and Dr Briohny Smith.

Dr Sam Galhenage
South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Unit
Phone: 9368 2333 Fax: 9368 2300
For consultation, contact Dr Galhenage’s rooms directly on (08) 6244 6200.

Professor George Garas
South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Unit
Phone: 9368 2333 Fax: 9368 2300

Dr Briohny Smith
To book your gastroscopy and/or colonoscopy please contact Dr Smith’s rooms directly on (08) 6381 0343

Your referral document provides us with important information about your health and requirement for an endoscopy procedure. If further information is required our team will liaise with your referring GP to ensure the appropriateness, risk and urgency of your procedure is assessed. If for any reason a gastroscopy and/or colonoscopy is not appropriate based on your presentation or medical history, we will contact you and your referring GP so that alternative management strategies can be arranged.

Our Endoscopy unit and the care that we provide is modelled on the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.
To view our safety and performance indicators or for more information on our continuous improvement program please see the “Safety/Quality” tab on our homepage.

More Information
If you have any further questions, please contact our Endoscopy unit directly on (08) 9368 2333 or email our team at

For Information on endoscopy procedures see Endoscopy Procedures