The Australian Charter of Health Care Rights (The Charter) provides guidance for all involved in health care to share an understanding of the rights of people receiving health care. The Charter defines the rights and responsibilities of patients who receive care at South Perth Hospital and provides guidelines for health service providers.

Patients, consumers, healthcare workers and the organisation all have an important part to play in achieving healthcare rights and contributing to a safe and high quality healthcare system.

Our staff strive to ensure each aspect of care delivered is respectful of patient rights. Hospital policies and procedures uphold the principles outlined in The Australian Charter of Health Care Rights.

The key principles of The Australian Charter on Healthcare Rights are:
Access – a right to healthcare
  • Patients have the right to receive adequate and timely health care and services from South Perth Hospital.
  • Admission and discharge processes are regularly reviewed to ensure that they meet organisational and consumer requirements.
Safety – a right to safe and high quality care
  • A Clinical Governance Framework is in place to guide best practice and monitor patient safety and quality.  For further information on our safety and quality performance see Safety and Quality.
  • Patients have the right to be included in their care, to ask questions and receive answers if they are concerned.
  • Staff are required to comply with professional standards and occupational health and safety regulations required for the workplace.
Respect – a right to be shown respect, dignity and consideration
  • Care is respectful of culture, beliefs, values, age and gender.
Communication – a right to be informed about services, treatment options and costs in a clear and open way
  • Policy and Processes are in place for Informed Financial Consent and Consent for treatment
  • Resources are provided to ensure patients are informed of the services provided through the South Perth Hospital website
  • Interpreter services will be provided if a need is identified
  • Staff are aware of the principles which support Open Disclosure.
Participation – a right to be included in decisions and choices about care
  • Patients and/or Carers have the right to participate in health care decision making and in planning for continuous health care needs. Clinical staff where appropriate will discuss options, the choices available and their merits.
  • Copies of the Charter of Health Care Rights are available by all patient beds.
Privacy – a right to privacy and confidentiality of provided information
  • Policy and processes are in place to support information privacy
  • Training for appropriate staff in information privacy is supported and maintained by suitable work practises.
  • Systems exist which ensure that the management of patient information complies with all relevant legislation.
Comment – a right to comment on care and having concerns addressed
  • Customer Feedback forms are located within the bedside Welcome Packs and at Admission/Reception points.
  • Information from the Customer Feedback System forms part of the Hospital’s Continuous Improvement Framework
  • Further information or to provide feedback see Talk to Us
Patient Responsibilities
  • Patients are responsible for informing healthcare providers of if they are aware of circumstances that might make their healthcare at higher risk.
  • Patients are responsible for contributing to communication by being open and honest and asking questions if they do not understand.
  • Patients are responsible for being mindful of healthcare staff and other patients
  • Mutual courtesy and a safe work environment is an entitlement for all staff.

To assist us to provide you with the highest possible level of care, you have the responsibility to:

  • Obtain advice from your health fund, doctors and hospital in respect of likely costs.  For further information see Fees and Charges
  • Disclose all relevant health information to your doctors and the hospital staff to assist with your care and treatment
  • Participate in decisions regarding your care, treatment and discharge planning

For further information on your rights and responsibilities please visit:

Consumers Health Services Directory WA.-

Health and Disability Services, Complaints Office –

For further information on how to make a complaint or comment on your care please see Talk to Us