South Perth Hospital acknowledges that failure to correctly identify patients and match that information to the intended clinical intervention is a serious risk to patient safety.  South Perth Hospital is committed to creating and maintaining a sustainable, high quality environment in which all staff verify that the person they are attending to is the one for whom the treatment is intended.

A positive patient identification process is an integral part of patient care. On admission you will be fitted with one or two identification bands which need to remain in place until your discharge.  It is important that you check that the details on the bands are correct before they are fitted.  If you have an allergy, these bands will be red in colour.

Positive Patient Identification involves asking the patient to state their name or date of birth and checking this against the name band or medical record.  The nurse assigned to the patient will check the patient’s identity at the beginning of a care episode and will repeat the process at each patient intervention for example, when going in to the Perioperative Suite or before issuing medications, to maintain the patient’s safety.  Although this may seem a repetitive process it has been demonstrated to improve patient safety outcomes!