Visitor Information

As announced by the Premier of Western Austrailia Mark McGowan, Perth and Peel regions will be entering a minimum 4 day covid 19  lockdown from Tuesday 29th June.  During this time NO VISITORS are permitted to enter the hospital except for compassionate reasons as determined by the Clinical Nurse Manager.  Unfortunately some surgeries may also be postponed.  The hospital will contact all patients that may be effected by this lockdown.  


In usual circumstances, visiting hours for inpatients are between 8am and 8pm daily. Family and friends can contact the patient whilst in hospital by telephoning (08) 9367 0222 or the patient’s direct line if staying overnight.

To prevent concern, please understand that we are unable to disclose any details about patients to anyone without the patient’s direct instruction. This is a requirement of Privacy and Disclosure of Information laws.  For further information see Privacy


In light of the physical distancing and infection prevention and control requirements of Covid 19, restrictions to visiting times may also be imposed at the discretion of the Clinical Nurse Manager or Shift Coordinator.

Covid 19 Special Precautions

The following visiting arrangements are in place across our hospital.

  • Relatives and friends are requested not enter the hospital if unwell or if they have returned from overseas or interstate in the past 14 days.

Under special circumstances approval or exemption to visit the hospital within the 14-day quarantine period may have been provided.  In the event visits are permitted within the 14-day quarantine period, the following precautions will be implemented:

  • Contact and droplet personal protective equipment will be applied prior to entering the facility/patient environment
  • Persons may visit only by prior arrangement and attend at a scheduled visit time at the hospital.  Please contact the hospital.
  • Length of visit and the ability to re-attend visits will be at the discretion of the hospital
  • Visitors will be escorted by a staff member upon entering and leaving the patient’s environment
  • Visitors will not leave the room where the visit takes place during the planned visitation time


Meals for visitors can be ordered and paid for at Reception. As an alternative, a café and a delicatessen are located on South Terrace a short walk from the hospital. For further information see Facilities



Free off-street parking is available at the rear of the hospital in Burch Street (off Fortune Street).

For patients and visitors to South Perth Hospital with limited mobility, a disabled parking bay is available at the front door of the hospital to ensure ease of access. For further information see Transport and Parking

For those family members that may require accommodation, please see Accommodation for further information

Support person/Visitors Day Procedure

There are no visitor facilities for day procedure patients.  If the patient is over the age of 18 years, one support person may accompany you to the admission area.  As the patient may be in the day procedure unit for 3 hours or more, it is advisable that the support person does not remain at the hospital but return at the time nominated by staff as the discharge time.


With the exception of one parent/carer for those under 18 years, visitors are not permitted into the perioperative area.

Child minding facilities are not available.  Parents of children undergoing a procedure should ensure siblings are cared for away from the hospital environment.

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