Patient Information

Before your Admission

If you have been hospitalised outside WA in the past 12 months, please advise both your doctor and the Infection Control Nurse (9367 0222) as soon as possible.

Please download the Admission Form

Admission to South Perth Hospital is arranged by completing an Admission form which is usually given to you by your doctor. Please complete the form and forward it to the Hospital to be received at least 2 working days prior to your admission. The form can be:

Posted: PO Box 726, Como WA 6952

Faxed: (08) 9474 2541


If you choose to email or fax your completed Admission form, please bring the original with you on the day of admission.

Faxed: (08) 9474 2541

Privately Insured Patients

If you have private health insurance it is important that you verify with your fund your ability to claim and anticipated fees. Some procedures may not be covered by your health fund. When we receive your completed Admission form we will also confirm with your Health Fund your level of cover and ability to claim. You will be required to pay any excess or co-payment you have on admission.

EFTPOS facilities are available. We also accept credit card, bank cheque and cash payments.  For further information see Fees and Charges.

Self Funded Patients

If you are a self funded patient, undergoing a procedure not covered by your health fund or have overseas health insurance you will require an estimate of the hospital fees before your admission. You are required to pay these estimated hospital charges at the time of admission. To obtain an estimate of costs please see Fees and Charges or contact Patient Accounts on (08) 9367 0266 during office hours.

Workers Compensation and Third Party Claims

Patients claiming costs from Workers Compensation, Public Liability and Third Party require approval from their insurer prior to their admission. If approval has not been received by the time of admission, you will be required to pay the estimated amount on or before the day of admission.

The telephone number for all Patient Accounts Enquiries is (08) 9367 0266.

South Perth Hospital is a Smoke Free environment. If you feel that you will require nicotine replacement therapy during your stay with us, please discuss this with your doctor, local GP or pharmacy prior to admission.

For Further information, contact us.


COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Thank you for choosing to have your procedure at South Perth Hospital. As you are aware, there are increasing cases of COVID-19 in our community. To ensure we keep our staff and   patients safe, South Perth Hospital has implemented screening and testing arrangements based on guidance from the WA Department of Health.

To ensure that patients and essential visitors are free of COVID-19 , all patients over the age of five (5) and parents accompanying a child (aged 17 years and under) will be required to undertake a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) at home no more than three (3) hours prior to admission. Parents or guardians should perform the RAT on children under the age of 12.

A RAT can be purchased from your local pharmacy or supermarket and provides results within 15 to 20 minutes. Please refer to the instructions on how to perform the RAT and when to read the results provided within the kit. To avoid delays with your admission, it is recommended that you purchase a spare RAT in the event the first result is invalid.

Please take a photograph of your negative RAT at the recommended test read time. Please also bring your negative RAT with you to hospital in a clear ziplock bag. Your RAT result will be verified by a staff member prior to your admission.

Should you have any further queries, please phone the hospital on (08) 9367 0222.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our staff and patients safe.

Guidance on Test Results:

Important information: Read the results at the recommended time frame as per manufacturer instructions and take a photograph of your result.  Interpreting the results after the recommended time frame may not be accurate.

If two coloured bands appear within 15-20 minutes the result is positive. No matter how faint the coloured band is in the ‘T’ zone the result should be considered positive.

What to do:
Isolate and phone the hospital on (08) 9367 0222 to cancel your procedure.
You must register your positive RAT result via the Healthy WA website (

If one coloured band appears in the ‘C’ zone and NO coloured band appears in the ‘T’ zone within 15-20 minutes the test result is negative.

What to do:

You may attend the hospital for your procedure.

Take a photograph of your negative RAT at the recommended read time.

Place the RAT in a clear ziplock bag to bring with you to the hospital.

If there is no coloured band in the ‘C’ zone within 15-20 minutes the test is invalid. The test has not worked. You may have collected your saliva or nasal swab incorrectly or there may be a manufacturing defect.

What to do:
You need to repeat the test with a new RAT kit.
You must return a negative result to proceed with your admission.

More Information: COVID-19 Testing Requirements


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